When Your Farrier is in High Demand

I love my current farrier. He’s good with the horses, he’s extremely knowledgeable, he does an amazing job, but he’s also extremely busy. When I was as a local boarding stables it was never an issue. He was on a consistent schedule, coming to the barn every other week. Then I moved to a much smaller facility and am having a hard time making everyone’s schedules work together. So what do you do when something comes up and your farrier can’t make it to the appointment? Or your horse throws a shoe?

Check with local vets for farriers they work with

When you have no choice but to find a new farrier a good way of locating a trustworthy one is to call local vets. If you’re lucky enough to live near an equine hospital they can probably provide you with the names of a few different farriers. If not, call your own vet, and then call other vets to see if you can find a farrier that multiple people like.

Consider Cavallo Boots

Cavallo is a brand of hoof boots that are just wonderful. I have two pairs, one each for each of my old retired men. If your horse throws a shoe and your farrier can’t get to you right away, Cavallo boots are a great way to keep you riding in the meantime. You only use them on barefoot horses, as they act like shoes. Simply put the boot on the now shoeless hoof and your good to go for your lesson or your hack.

I have even used Cavallo boots for long periods of time (days to weeks). If you decide to use a Cavallo boot this way I would recommend removing it every day, cleaning it, and checking for rub marks on your horse’s pastern. If you decide to invest in a pair, you need to measure your horse’s hoof using Cavallo’s guide, as they do not follow horse shoe sizes. Make sure that you measure your horse’s hoof right after you get them trimmed to ensure the longest fit for your boot. Check them out here (There are a few different types).

Hoof Supplement

Hoof supplement helps horse’s hooves grow stronger. It can also help them grow faster. While faster might not be the best thing if you are having trouble getting a farrier out, hoof supplement can be beneficial if your horse is barefoot or for how well the hoof holds up after it’s lost a shoe.

My OTTB mare had terrible feet when I bought her. While they have improved drastically in the time I’ve had her, she is still tender footed, and has four shoes on. She is never a horse that will be able to go barefoot. I keep her on hoof supplement religiously. Now, when she does pull a shoe, her hoof wall is much stronger. I also consider doubling up her ration of supplement when things like that happen. Hoof supplement, might not be the right choice for you, but it can help keep your horse’s hooves strong while your waiting for your farrier.

Hopefully you’ll never have to replace your farrier. But if he’s a farrier god like mine is and in high demand hopefully this page has helped.