So You Woke Up Angry

You wake up on the wrong side of the bed. You didn’t even get an interview for your dream job. You bought the wrong bags of grain at the feed store. Your horse tries to buck you off. And your trainer moves to Texas. Some days are just like that. The worst. One bad thing after another, and the next thing you know your pissed off at the world.

It’s tempting when your pissed to take it off of the world around you. Inanimate objects might be able to handle this, especially if they’re replaceable, but be careful not to take it out on your horse. The things I listed are just a few of the things that happened to me today, and since I was already so pissed off, it was easy to want to get mad at my mare when she decided she wanted to buck. And not an appropriate mad, but a I want to yell and throw a tantrum and kick something mad. Trust me that was my mood today. But as George Morris says, Every moment you spend with your horse you’re either training or untraining them, or well something along those lines.

Remember that your horse can sense every emotion you have. They are experts at body language. So I was doomed before I even got on, because my horse is super sensitive, and while I wasn’t mad at her I was mad at the world, and she knew it. I can always count on my horse to call me on my BS.

So the next time your trainer moves to Texas on you, remember that even if they’re in another state, you’re still your horse’s primary trainer. Take a deep breath, and as they taught me in Pony Club, and than my runaway trainer always emphasized, the horse comes first. If you both leave the temper tantrums for the pasture, everyone will be happier in the end!