Four Things in Every Equestrian’s Home

Horse-people are really similar, and those of who have been riding since we were little are even more so. As we grew up we accumulated horse related décor and tack and have most likely been hoarding it to this day. With that in mind here are four things that every life-long equestrian has in their home.


Every little girl who loves horses also loved Breyers. Not only were they collectable they were essentially a right of passage. Christmas, birthdays, and any other holiday were prime time to beg our parents for one. I still have my first one, a dappled grey, that my mom got me for Easter one year. I’ve since added to the collection but that dappled grey is still my favorite.

Muddy Boots

Part of horses is mud. It doesn’t seem to matter if you live in a desert like I do, mud finds a way. Dumping water, washing horses, the occasional rain storm. The soil where I live has a lot of clay in it and when it gets wet it sticks to everything. I’ve done horses on both sides of the country and one thing is for sure, every equestrian has a pair of muddy boots.

Pictures of Our Horses or Horses We’ve Loved

We all have the horses that we’ve loved over the years. Some of the horses were ours and some were school horses, but we have their pictures all over the place. I know I do!

Random Pieces of Tack

It seems like after years of riding we end up with random pieces of tack. Someone gives you an old bridle, a set of irons, or maybe it’s your first pair of paddock boots that you just couldn’t give up. Whatever it is, every equestrian has at least one piece of random tack laying around their house. I have a bridle hanging on and over the door hook!

Personally I have a ton more horse related things all over my house. Horse themed art pieces, dirty breeches, barn clothes. Whatever it is, our love of horses connects us all! What do you have in your house that’s horse related?