Chasing Trouble: My Kill Pen Rescue

Sometimes you get more than you asked for, often times because you didn’t ask. That’s the case with my new colt, Chasing Trouble. Chase is from the Bowie Kill Pen in Texas. I was browsing Facebook one day and came across an ad for a horse at the kill pen on a friend’s page. For some reason I decided to go look. Scrolling through all the available horses I fell in love with a horse that sold before I could get him. I had just loss Willa to colic though and felt that I needed to save one of them.

Scrolling through the kill pen’s page I fell in love with this three year old colt. He’s a roan and so inquisitive and interested in everything that was going on. I wanted a pony, and though he’s a quarter horse, he was sitting at 13.2 hands. He had such a soft face I decided that he was the one that I wanted.

I made the arrangements for him to travel from Texas to California. A few weeks later he arrived…as a yearling and completely feral. I didn’t ask if he was halter broke, I just assumed it. Getting him home was a disaster. When I tried to get him out of the trailer he spooked. I got stuck between him and the trailer and broke my shoulder, and then the adorable little dude got loose and ran around the property.

This is how he got his name. I Chase(d) him down for about forty minutes. Finally, he was so exhausted he wandered into the stall that had been set up for him. I was certainly Chasing Trouble,

He’s made a ton of progress, but is still a little feral. I certainly got more than I asked for, but I’ve learned so much from him already. I learned to ask more questions (though I blame my state of grief for not making more inquiries). The little dude’s adorable.

For updates on his progress check out him Instagram: Chasing Trouble