About Me

The name of this site is dedicated to the short manes of English horse. I grew up as a hunter/jumper, pulling manes for horse shows and making sure my pony didn’t look like a pasture pet. I was a Pony Club girl through and through, though I might be the oldest D2 around (my hatred of standardized test carried over even in horses). Today I have three horses and while I let their manes get a little longer than my Pony Club days I still make it a point to keep them short. These days I cut and thin instead of pulling, but the effect is just the same and my horses are much happier.

Short Manes is a site for horse lovers by a horse lover. If my first passion is horses my second is writing (I even love writing research papers…this could be why I’m doing my second round of grad school). I started this site to share what I’ve learned over the last twenty plus years of riding and as a place for me to express not only my creativity but my passions. 

I’m thirty years old, working on a PhD, I suffer from chronic migraines, and am trying to care for my three horses on a student’s salary while trying to navigate research, chronic illness, and all of the typical ups and downs of life and love. 

This site is for riders of any age and any experience, focusing on the every day horse person. From horse health to rider health to just an equestrian lifestyle, if you love horses, or just want to learn more, Short Manes is for you.



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